About us


100% organic certified combed cotton biological ring (organic), all our fabrics have been chosen taking into account their contemporary style and their role as a printing medium.

At Urbanik Art Company we only work with environmentally friendly materials. Our clothes are made of 100% certified organic cotton. Organic cotton production improves soil fertility and biodiversity through diversified crop rotation and non-use of GMOs. Only natural fertilizers and pesticides are used, so that groundwater and rivers are free of chemicals. At the same time, irrigation of water is better controlled.

All of our organic cotton products are certified to internationally recognized GOTS standards.

As a brand that cares about the satisfaction of their customers, we want to offer you the best. That's why we chose to use only combed organic ring cotton. The ring spinning fabric is more flexible and provides a smooth, even surface that facilitates the best results of each type of printing.

In addition, the process of combing cotton includes a special treatment of cotton fibers during spinning which cleans them from dirt, impurities and short fibers. This resulting fabric is composed exclusively of the longest fibers, which makes the fabric stronger, more durable.

100% organic cotton